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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Politics - dirty drain water or orphan child of society

Politics - the word itself conjures up a sight of corrupt individuals. It is known to be the mother of all the corruptions and the word politician is supposed to mean a person without any morals, ethics and other values of life. The vision is that of a dirty sewer running through a clean society. But is it so? By giving it above definition, aren't we shirking our responsibility.

So simple to pass on the buck.

Politics is the mirror of society. All the components of society are reflected in it. So saying that politics is all corruption means that we say that society is all corrupt and by conclusion all of us are corrupt.

If a politician thrives on divisive and corrupt politics, it is because we as people thrive in that. If we stop accepting that sort of policies then politicians of that kind will disappear by themselves. But are we ready for a society, where law rules. No, we are not. Lawlessness and nepotism is our way of life. We cannot survive in a society where everything has to be done in the proper way. We will not like living in a society, where a policeman books us and asks us to appear in a court for jumping Red Light, rather we would like to slip a 50 Rs. currency note in his hand and save the time. We won't like a society where we won't be able to get on the train with a wait listed ticket, rather we like a society where we can get on the train with a general ticket and give Rs 250 to the TTE and get a reserved seat. All without bills off-course. We won't like living in a society where our children will get in a college or job based on their merits, rather we like living in a society where we can pay some money to a politician and get our kid ahead of the queue.

So why blame the politician ? becoz it is easy for our conscience and helps us in shifting the blame from ourselves to politicians. Were these politicians born corrupt. Nobody is. A child does not know corruption. The politician imbibed corruption while growing up and on getting the opportunity put it to work for him. So why blame him/her?

We will not live as a society without prejudices and we expect politicians to not to exploit that. When we have scenes where people kill each other, deprive each other, based on their color, caste, religion, language, we need something to blame. If it is not God, then it is politicians. Everybody else is to be blamed, excepting ourselves.

Why do we do that? Reason is very simple. We do not want to own the responsibility for our nation. We are still living in an enslaved society, where someone from above (previously british and now our neo-british) have to tell us what to do. That helps us in evading responsibility for our country. So that we can blame everyone but ourselves.

How many of us ever thought of entering politics?

If we ask anybody do they want to enter politics? Answer is no.

I did not as it was dirty word. And I guess majority will concur with me. So we do not want to get into the sewer to clean it up and keep on cribbing that it is stinking and somebody else must clean it up excepting me.

I feel that politics is not a dirty sewer rather it is the orphan child whose parent the society have kicked it out of home. Now the child has become criminal for making a living and the parents are cribbing. Sorry, the responsibility is of parents, not the child.

If the parents take the child back and nurture it, I am sure the child will turn out to be a beautiful child.



Nixon said...

nice attitude sanjay... you are right... there is also something called the mike effect... if you give the mike to the two naughty guys in class it will sound in the speaker asif the whole class is naughty... it depends on who you give the mike to... one should nurture politics carefully... great going :)

Anonymous said...

I fully concur. If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.

Sanjay said...

Yes, me feeling precisely. We do not accept doctors without qualification for our body and also aspire to be one but when it comes to our nation we leave that job to others.